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We Build Trust

Have you wondered how to have only positive news about you? 

Or if you have a negative article about your company how to hide it on the annals of secondary pages? 

It is possible with a well-strategized Online Reputation Management Campaign.

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We Build Trust

How does online reputation management help your business?

For companies

? The natural construction of online notoriety.

? To build a positive image for customers and potential customers

? To resize the company image. You are in the media, you exist and you attract new users. As a joke, if Descartes had lived he would have said: I’m online, so I exist. ?

? To alleviate, weaken, potential negative news.

? For inbound marketing.

? For branding, notoriety, a positive image, simply.

For people

? To get better contracts both as an entrepreneur and for the next job.

? To obtain schooling, funding, credibility for involvement in a project.

? In this period of globalization, to get an international job.

? To protect privacy.

? Safe way of promotion for freelancers, coaches, motivational speakers, trainers, lawyers, psychologists, etc.

? It is obviously used in election campaigns for political leaders, often information being manipulated in the area of ​​misinformation.

What strategies are used in ORM?

Any ORM campaign – Online Reputation Management – begins, continues and ends with monitoring.

What do we have to do?

? Use SEO strategies to shift negative news. Content is king and you have to keep journalistic notes. No exaggeration, just pointed out what is not known well.

? Respond to bad reviews and attract new good reviews, increasing the average. If the poor grade is deserved, the lesson must be learned and the services or products improved.

? Diplomacy and outlining new, positive and real comments on Facebook.

? Treat the media channel with the publication to publish. Without aggression and threats, otherwise they will have a new reason to know.

? If the information is, in fact, misinformation, is abusive or infringes on privacy, you can sue the media channel (social or publication) and request the deletion of the news. Then ask Google to remove it from indexing.

? To say that nothing happened and wait for it to resolve itself. That doesn’t really happen. Forgetting online is not easy.

What matters to succeed in ORM?

Everything matters. First of all, online reputation management should be a way of building the image, then of “prevention”, so that only in rare cases it is a process of “repair”. The truth is, unfortunately, things are upside down.

From the synchronicity of the search intent with the relevance of the content, to the authority (in the sense of DA-domain authority) of own sites and partners, to more or less natural synonyms, to the user who reads the news, everything that means online presence and habits Offline affecting the online gathers in building the image on the Internet.

How long does it take?

Online reputation management is an ongoing process, in principle, throughout a company. The same thing happens with a person, right? He keeps his reputation and values ​​as long as he lives. It is a positive approach, with a long-term effect.

If the ORM needs to straighten out things, not build, things need to be looked at differently and not in the short term. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate what can be corrected in essence, not only in the image, but only then the change is communicated. How about time? Nothing happens overnight. There are situations when things seem simple, but the long list of variables on which building an online brand depends slows down stages.

What do we do for you and how much does it cost?

First we evaluate the project and strategize accordingly. There are no two situations alike. 

After strategy, we implement but be aware that we always adjust plans. The Internet is not static. 

Either you are targeting a better reputation online, or you have bad news to make forgotten, we are here for you.

The first step is for us to know your project. 

Write to us!