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Coronavirus pandemic – crisis or opportunity?

Each century has its challenges and it was expected to have an extraordinary situation in this first quarter of the century. The coronavirus pandemic is exactly that unknown and certain element, which is part of the necessary evolution of history. If the pandemic is a crisis or an opportunity, it depends on how we manage to understand the situation and how we adapt to the new reality.

Coping and reinventing their businesses- new target for entrepreneurs

The power to cope with changes and to obtain the desired advantages, while obeying the imposed limits, is what ensures our survival and our success. Finding the motivation, self-education, access to new technology and its benefits are the necessary means to guarantee us a safer and more stress-free future.

What are business opportunities that appeared in the pandemic?

When the coronavirus crisis emerged as a full-blown pandemic in March, it plunged us all into a global health crisis and an economic downturn. It has dramatically redefined what a normal life means. Coronavirus pandemic has not just created a new normal, it has brought into being a new reality.

A new approach for online communication: we are vulnerable, hence we should care more. 

For a few moments, the planet stopped and showed us how vulnerable we are. And on this occasion, we also found out how useless are many of the things that occupied us a lot of time and how important it is to take care of our health and safety.

The uncertainty of the future and the interruption of physical interactions have made us realize how important it is to take care of ourselves, our psyche and of our loved ones. The available science, technology and innovation have greatly contributed to the continuation of communication and to the maintenance of social and labor relations at distance.

People buy from companies they trust. PR is back

Under these circumstances, any person and any business need online training and digitization of methods and processes to maintain and make their voice known. Thus, areas such as online classes, psychological counseling, coaching, PR, and ORM (Online Reputation Management) have shown even more their usefulness.

Crisis regarded as opportunity 

No matter how great the danger is, we need to stay connected to ourselves, to our mental health, and to find mentors to face the challenges of the moment. Even if channels and means of communication and interaction have changed, it is essential to know what we want from ourselves and others and to adapt as we go.

Self – education and self – alignment new skills for entrepreneurs and managers

Many people saw in this crisis a training and career opportunity. They found the respite to reconsider their lives and priorities and return to the paths they had previously abandoned. Coaching, personal training, care for personal development and regular reconsideration should never leave anyone.

The new reality has this face. Most employees work from home. Schools and universities switched to online learning. Many retail establishments, other than supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations, have great difficulty in bringing their customers back. Social distancing is the norm, limiting communications and relationships. Air travel has largely been reduced. Businesses have had to switch modes of interaction. Unemployment has replaced workers’ crisis. Cultural activities and institutions such as museums and theaters are still restricted etc.

It’s up to us to care, offer and share

The fact that this is a new reality does not mean we should surrender to it. It’s up to each of us to transform the crisis into opportunities. And for that we need to:

  • Learn to live with this new situation by adapting our thinking to it.
  • Step up into digital transformation and invest in an infrastructure adapted to it.
  • Identify new business and job opportunities generated by the crisis.
  • Rethink and rebuild company and talent strategy, with methods and competencies needed in the 21st century.
  • Switch to companies that communicate better and come better to meet customer needs.
  • Assure organization’s agility, adaptability and resilience by reinventing its architecture and turning it into a more dynamic one.
  • Continuously learn and improve what we are doing.

Everyone and every company should be thinking about how things can be done differently and better. Improvements should be designed to deal with short-term challenges as well as longer-term issues.

It is a general truth that every crisis also contains the seeds of opportunity. And if we cope with the new reality and look for solutions, we will certainly see many opportunities for personal and organizational development, for Coaching, PR and ORM.

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