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How to get out of the image crisis in the online environment

The online environment is a very harsh one, especially in terms of reactions to content published on social networks and beyond. The Online Reputation Management segment is very important, and this is not only from the point of view of communication in the online environment but also from the commercial side. But this field concerns not only the elements of communication in the social media plan but the entire area of ​​the online environment.

Identity in the online environment is beginning to become as important as the real one, as well as in everyday life, and in the online environment there can be risks and benefits in terms of image and identity. So in the following we will present some essential elements for online reputation management. For a start we will look at the critical elements but also over the elements through which the image in the online plan can be improved.

Transparent communication 

Transparent communication is one of the most important criteria. Just as in real life, the dialogue with those around us defines the personality. In the case of companies this can be translated into the happy case through image and financial profit, and in the case of darker scenarios, a deified communication can lead to a fall in both aspects. To do this, make sure that the website or pages on the social networks are as transparent as possible and offer quick and easy access to any user eager to find out details about your identity and company.

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Keep direct and open contact with the public

For efficient communication, pay attention to items such as FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) customized contact details for the general public and news agencies, but also provide current information throughout the site or in all information provided in the online environment. Also the option of mini-pages on the Internet is again an excellent communication option. A very good example of this is the one given by a well-known cosmetics company (Johnson & Johnson) to respond to criticism from the press.

Image crises should be viewed with responsibility and especially with a lot of transparency, but once this crisis is over, what follows is more difficult. To clear your image after such a situation, the best option is to opt for targeted content and especially for a broad positive advertising campaign. This can be done through collaboration with the press agencies but also with the marketing agents who can amplify the target audience. Another approach is to take topics as popular as possible through articles and published materials. So, in short, use easy-to-remember titles that contain the name of the company, provide the most important information in a simple and short way and not lastly use the positive content but also the relationships with officials and institutions to recreate the image.

Choose visual forms of communication to attract visitors.

The visual content is a good attraction for the visitors of your page. Infographics, photos and videos are essential elements to optimize your page traffic. Offer the information in an accessible and attractive way. A visitor will be much more attracted to visual content than text. As an idea for infographics, try to keep them easy to navigate, pick up a specific topic, include attractive information and be sure to apply your logo. You can also encourage the public to use infographics, of course, citing the source.

Besides these elements we encourage you to approach a clean and simple strategy for your image because only then you will have a good contact with your audience. In any situation involving any form of communication you must focus on transparency, simplicity and especially on information. Only in this way will you have a beneficial image in the online environment and beyond.

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