PR Services

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You feel like you would sell better if people have known and trusted your brand? You are right! People buy from brands they trust.

And we are here to build trust for you. 

What we do for you as PR specialists?

  • ✅ We create a communication strategy based on your goals
  • ✅ We first find out the business strategy of the company you represent. We identify the strengths and challenges of the moment for your brand.
  • ✅ Together we build the image that illustrates the vision and values ​​of the company. We design a unique message that will reach your target audience.
  • ✅ We are planning media appearances. We promote you in the media that address your audience. With us, you gain notoriety without buying advertising! 
  • ✅Branding and personal branding
  • ✅ Copywriting – blogging, advertorials, promotional brochures, presentation videos
  • ✅Business photography – your image matters
  • ✅ Professional portrait (photography)
  • ✅ Product photo
  • ✅ Relevant images from trade events, corporate events, press conferences
  • ✅ We guarantee visibility and notoriety. 

What does not our PR services do for you?

  • ❌We do not hunt customers for you. We promote your brand in an honest selling way.
  • ❌PR is not marketing. We build a favorable image for your brand (business or personal), we do not bring clicks or sales. We consolidate a positive image.
  • ❌We do not offer this service abroad.  The page is in English to cover a wider range of public and it is also in Romanian. 

Why then PR services?

Because people and businesses buy from brands they trust. 

We build trust. 

How are our PR services different?

We do not deliver press releases, we deliver news!

Media institutions receive daily thousands of emails, press releases, notifications from readers / viewers, information from state institutions. In search of the news that matters, journalists make a rigorous selection of the documents received. Out of the thousands of notifications and communications, only certain subjects pass the glass or print test.

We do not deliver press releases to journalists, but news that deserves to be broadcast / published. In order to communicate, we take into account the target audience of the publication / television we collaborate with, so that the message reaches the audience that interests us.

We know the specifics and needs of the press

For information to reach the news, it must also meet the needs of the press:

  • to be specific
  • to contain something new / innovative information
  • contain data / statistics
  • to have a social impact
  • to have emotional potential

Stories sell. And who knows how to tell a story that reaches as many people as possible than a journalist turned PR?

“With more than 12 years of experience in television journalism, I can turn seemingly mundane things into free news in the media. I am permanently engaged in everyday life, I know the public agenda and I feel the potential of information to reach the pages of newspapers or on glass. In the press, the most important word is TEAM, and in all the years spent in Antena 3, B1TV and Realitatea TV, as a news editor, I expanded my contacts, acquaintances, and close colleagues became my friends. Some of them work in PR, most of them are still dedicated to the correct information of the public, ”Irina Dincă, still a journalist.

How much do our PR services cost?

Every project has its specificity hence the price cannot be fixed. 

Ask for a quote!