Business Com(e)unique Coaching

Business Com(e)unique Coaching
  • Have you ever felt that you are stuck in your own business? That ”growth” becomes a dictionary word? 
  • Do you struggle to promote your own business? 
  • Have you experienced that feeling that you have tried everything that everybody has tried but it does not work for you?
  • Do you shift from getting involved into doing to exhausting doing nothing to grow your business or career?
  • Are you exhausted from changing marketing agencies and, yet, being dissatisfied with the results?

Imagine that one day something happens and everything shifts. Imagine that you have more energy. That you are more focused, you have a clear direction for your business and products that would bring you success. You know with are to be be promoted for more money and how. Implementing would bring sales to your door. Clients would come online to your website and you are not supposed to run after your prospects.

And that shift can happen cause it is in yourself and it will last.

You should only:

STOP searching for agencies on the market. STOP Blaming.  STOP  struggling. 

START searching within yourself. 

START being consistent, communicating inside out. 

START planning the business.

Start implementing.

START earning.

Start by joining in!

What is  Business Com(e)unique Coaching and why is it different?

Business Com(e)unique Coaching is an 11 steps program that takes the online communication process starting with each individual, identifying limiting beliefs that stop the entrepreneur to develop his business. Then take it into his business mission and align online products and services with the customers, ready to start a SMART communication plan and grow your business. 

We are your guides, you become the doer

It is a process inside out, we, Corina Ștefan and Aida Ivan, are guides for you to dare and develop a communication process that will make your business grow. 

We are to be your guide to your ”Aha!” moment, but you are doing the change.  You are the doer, we are not magicians. The program helps you to find the real reason for your asynchronous communication, you the one to perform the change. And change does not come easy and you have to be committed. 

 We guarantee you are to change following and carrying on the program. Any change of habit takes more than 21 days, every solid business or career grows in years. Yet, you are to find during this program that ”the brakes” of your business are yourself and you are to overcome this blockage to a healthy business plan and communication.  After each session, you are to take care of your plans and thoughts. 

What to expect from Business Com(e)unique Coaching?

You are to face your limitations and take charge of your responsibilities in developing products and a consistent online communication plan that sells. You stop whining, start doing and you have a direction for what to do to grow sales. 

Is this the business communication coaching program for me?

  • Yes, if you feel that you are struggling in evolving and the reason is inside yourself.
  • Yes, if you feel there is something stopping you from evolving in your career.  
  • Yes, if you feel that your business is small and does not have to be promoted online. 
  • Yes, if you struggle with time and money, even both, by leading an incoherent online communication path.
  • Yes, if you pay large budgets to agencies, expecting that results come overnight then quit promoting yourself or your business. 
  • Yes, if you change agencies like socks, expecting to change into an online star. Change comes in time, and you are the first to undergo change.  
  • Yes, if you stopped promoting online yourself or your business. 
  • Yes, if you feel like distancing yourself from your business and communication intrinsic values. 
  • Yes, if you do not promote yourself or your business, fearing that you are not experienced enough, rich enough that you don’t have the right tools, knowledge, connections, or whatever else. 

  • Yes, if you want to draw a consistent communication plan, not to try everything everybody’s path. 

Business Com(e)unique Coaching is for small, medium, and even for top and middle managers working for large corporations. It is a program for all you that find it difficult to grow their sales through online communication. For mid and top managers. For everyone who feels like evolving and realizes that there is something stopping within themselves. 

How is this online communication coaching program structured?

There are two parts of this program. The first 6 sessions are meant to take you throughout your limiting beliefs and fears, the second os to find your business mission, to align your personal values with your business and customers with your products and services. 

What is it going to happen each session:

  1. Evaluating limiting beliefs – coaching Aida Ivan.
  2. Coaching session on limitations – coaching Aida Ivan
  3. Free yourself from fear of success – coaching Aida Ivan
  4. Free yourself from fear of failure – coaching Aida Ivan

      5 – 6 Start becoming a top performer – neurofeedback (Bucharest and Ilfov only) at Aida Ivan’s office or guided meditation for top performance. 

7. Define your business mission.

                 8. Align your personal values with your communication plan in order to sell – online coaching Corina Stefan 

                 9. Position yourself and dare to be different – guiding through SWOT – online coaching with Corina Stefan.

                 10. Know your clients for your clients to know you – online communication coaching Corina Stefan 

                11. The world behind keywords. Identifying keywords that align your online business with your products or services. From here on You may start a SMART communication plan. 

Bonus:  Primary keyword analysis to start building your SEO, content marketing, PPC campaigns. 

Where does it take place?

  • Sessions 1- 6  online or at Aida Ivan’s coaching office if you are in Bucharest. 
  • Sessions 7-11 strictly online via Google Meet, Zoom or Skype. 

There will be a maximum 2 (two) sessions per week. We, together,  agree on the date and time for each session. 

How much does it cost?

590 EURO, VAT Not included. 

How Do I Register and Pay?

  • You register here
  • You are to receive an email with a proforma invoice including account, terms and conditions of the program. 
  • You pay the program. 

You start taking action for the Success you Deserve!