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You have your wings. We give You the Confidence to fly

We are new around here, yet experienced in online communication world. 


ThePReach is a project I had in mind since 2016, but now it is the right time to launch this service. Why is that?

Online Reputation Management … 

I had a dream 🙂


I worked hard and smart to earn knowledge and experience in order to serve your needs. Now in AI and machine learning world, more than ever, people and online must interconnect. People should trust again their leadership abilities and place them into people’s work. More that even we should understand that beyond screens, programs, marketing and markets there are always people and it is time to turn to humanity and use technology into our interest. And not the other way around. This is how Online Reputation Management service shaped up. 


Personal Branding … We are humans and we are changing the world


I had this feeling that the things are not complete in my way of seeings the interconnection between human and technology. No long ago, I had this epiphany that the main thing withholding businesses from accomplishing themselves are mistrust and wrong believes of the owner or leader. 

This is how we are here to start promoting yourself by changing limiting thoughts. This is why our team is formed out of psychologist – coach and communication experts (copywriters and PRs)

Long story short… I had a dream to make a service where promoting your business online as a part of your true nature as a human being. To promote online businesses lead by people for people.

Corina Stefan


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